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Our Funds

Overall, we choose cryptoassets based on a deep understanding of their technical merits (see Cryptoassest Analysis for more details).

MetaStable Balanced

Makes no assumptions about investor holdings in other coins, designed to be stand-alone. Portfolio of crypto assets that have the strongest chance of emerging as long-term winners across a wide basket of use cases (store of value, smart contracts, stable coin, prediction markets, anonymity, storage, new approaches to governance and consensus, etc.).  We take a value-investor approach to investing, guided by deep technical understanding of the protocols to select a portfolio that we believe will deliver the greatest returns.

MetaStable Edge

Designed for investors that already have substantial Bitcoin holdings. Holds ETH and a variety of smaller coins from more recent ICOs. Edge originally had next to zero ETH, now has a fair amount. The ETH portion fluctuates based on whether we believe that the value from new coins is going to accrue to the new coin or to ETH. Very little exposure to BTC except when needed as cash equivalent.