Our Funds

Overall, we choose cryptoassets based on a deep understanding of their technical merits (see Cryptoassest Analysis for more details).  We pick the coins that we believe are the strongest contenders to exist as long-term fixtures in the global economy.

We offer two investment vehicles:


MetaStable Edge

Our Edge fund is designed for an investor who currently owns bitcoin, but who desires additional exposure to the wider ecosystem of digital currencies.

The Edge fund is a low-capacity, extreme potential upside strategy that:

  • Invests in early stage ICO (Initial Coin Offerings).
  • Seeks out the most attractive coins that are early in their lifecycles.
  • Takes advantage of many crisis investment opportunities to increase in value.


MetaStable Balanced

Our Balanced fund is a balanced crytoasset portfolio that includes bitcoin, as well as other leading currencies that are more mature than many of the coins the Edge fund targets.

In contrast to the Edge fund, the Balanced fund is higher capacity, and somewhat less volatile.

Note: both funds are highly volatile, as we are in the very early days of a new investment class.  They both have an alpha greater than bitcoin, though only slightly greater beta, due to spreading volatility across a portfolio of assets.